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DISCO is the new industry standard for sharing music.

Manage, edit and share music with anyone, anywhere.
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Formats and metadata
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Access your music from any device. Say goodbye
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Effortlessly manage formats and metadata.

Get your files under control, fast: keep one copy of each track with multiple formats and complete metadata.

Customize, share and track access.

Share with ease, and customize with your branding. Get detailed, real-time stats on how your recipients are interacting with your files.
I've been looking for something like DISCO for years. It's really solving a lot of problems for me, saving me time and not killing my budget like some of the other lesser options available.
Josh Doyle, songwriter/producer, 3 Theory Music
DISCO helps you put your best foot forward.
Songwriters, artists, producers, composers
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Seamlessly manage multiple formats and versions throughout the recording process
Effortlessly manage metadata across all your files
Collaborate and share with your network, and track with in depth stats
Share professional, branded lists and embeddable players
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