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Tagging tracks manually
is a thankless task

It’s laborious, never finished, and
hard to keep tags consistent and accurate.

We want to make track tagging and discovery much simpler. We collected the most used, relevant tags in sync to make a universal language for music discovery. Then we trained an AI to detect these tags from raw audio.

Tagging tracks manually<br>
                is a thankless task

How it works

Our AI scans your music in DISCO and automatically adds the tags. When searching, just click on any combination of tags to filter your library and find the right track faster.

Pete Kelly, Head of Music, BT Sport

I’ve seen a few systems that have attempted tagging, usually with way more tags missing the mark than hitting it. I’m yet to find fault in DISCO’s tagging, it’s added value and been accurate throughout our catalogue of songs.

Pete Kelly, Head of Music, BT Sport

Tags fit for creative briefs

Our team has over 20 years experience working in music. Our tags are sync specific, collected by people working in sync, not musicologists or developers. Other auto tagging solutions provide broad, general tags that make it hard to narrow down your search.

We use tags that appear in briefs: tags like swagger, anthemic, emotive.

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Sounds-like search

Provide a reference track in your library or via YouTube link and we’ll find similar songs in your DISCO.

Discover hidden gems and find the perfect track for your briefs, faster.

Sounds-like search

Discovery Suite Pricing

Includes Libraries and Auto-tagging. Discovery Suite is billed in addition to your regular DISCO subscription on the same billing cycle.